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Tours don't have to be short, a well-appointed cruising ship can take you on a long term trip.

Travel Industry Professional Mr. Frank Morgan

I have flown more than two million miles, visited all 7 continents, and have more than twenty years' experience in the travel profession. When I'm not not on the road, I find time to blog about my adventures, appear as a guest on local AM Radio in Southern California, give presentations, and consult with travel agencies on their marketing. At the present time, I function as the Vice President of Marketing & Sales for our travel company, AMT - An American Express Travel Representative, a large, full-service travel agency located in the Los Angeles County. AMT Travel, An American Express Travel Representative, is home to over 150 independent and internal travel professionals, and they benefit from my time as a member of the American Express Travel Advisory Board. If you have ever paid a visit to a luxury travel discussion site that uses a question and answer style, you may have come across AskDocTravel, of which I’m the C.E.O..

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During my extensive, 20 year career as a travel professional, I’ve exceeded 2 million miles in commercial airliners, and have had the pleasure of exploring all 7 continents on earth. Despite my hectic travel schedule, I frequently enjoy working with industry groups, blogging about my excursions abroad, and being interviewed on LA radio stations. As the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for one of the largest travel agencies in Southern California, I stay busy and up to date with all the latest travel industry developments. With my history serving on the Advisory Board of American Express Travel, I accumulated knowledge to share with the 150+ travel agents we have in-house, as well as our independent contractors. And finally, I am the C.E.O. of AskDocTravel, a luxury travel focused question-and-answer format discussion panel found on a number of travel focused web sites.

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