Aren't all Types of Cruises the Same?

Almost nothing compares to a river cruise.

Cruises figure They go at the optimal speed, feature fantastic amenities and provide lovely views. River cruises through Europe are renowned for their great restaurants and wine lists, as well as great service and lots of enjoyable activities, and they travel slowly enough that you can really take in the view of all the cities, towns, and landscapes you pass by or stop to visit.

All with the benefits of having to unpack only once allowing you to settle in for leisurely sailing.

Re-trace the age-old trade channels of these iconic rivers, while also stopping to enjoy many cosmopolitan cities along the way. The experience can be both immersive and tranquil as you sail rivers like the Douro, Seine, Rhine, Volga, or Danube and take in the varying vistas. Passengers who decide to go on excursions or have a look around on their own will have lots of time to get acquainted with local cultures.

There are two options at every port of call: people can walk around by themselves or in their own groups, or they can sign up for formal tours. There is always ample opportunity to find something to do in every port, whether it's exploring an ancient castle, attending a classical concert or visiting a renowned museum. And the amenities on these ships will guarantee that you are comfortable and have everything you wish.

Cabins come equipped with hotel-style beds, private bathrooms, individual climate control, refrigerators, safes and TVs. These cruisers are well known for their fine dining, bars, and lounges, and many of the larger vessels also offer pools and sun decks where you can relax in the fresh air, libraries where you can get something to read, specialty boutiques, and free Wi-Fi.

The ultimate vacation.

Put it all together together with exceptional and personalized service from on-board staff and you have perfection.

Regardless of the time of year you take a trip, there will be unique cultural adventures available to you at each destination. In the spring and summer, you might enjoy local outdoor events and lively activities that only take place within the warmer months of the year.

If you prefer to avoid the peak tourist months so that you can avoid the crowds, you might want to travel in the autumn months when the weather is cooler. People who enjoy holiday traditions might give some thought to a winter cruise, to experience the Christmas markets common in many countries as well as other intriguing celebrations.

River cruises are perfect for anyone wanting to travel in comfort and relaxation while also having the chance to visit the many beautiful destinations along the way.

Anyone who has never been on a cruise before will like how easy traveling this way can be, and they won’t have to be overly concerned about getting seasick. Additionally, river cruises are fantastic for folks interested in experiencing other lifestyles and traditions, since they tend to stress experiencing the local culture at each destination.

Is a River Cruise Really Distinct from an Ocean Cruise?

While river cruises and ocean cruises share a number of similarities, there are also various — and important — differences between the two. The ships for ocean cruises are usually larger than those needed for river cruises, and provide more comforts in the individual rooms. Given their more substantial size, they are able to accommodate many more people on board. River ships have a much more personal feel due to the smaller size, and people commonly find themselves making lots of new friends.

As opposed to ocean cruises, which are quite often sailing in open waters for days at a time, river cruises almost never sail a single full day at a time. Each day takes travelers to a new port of call.

When river cruising, you generally also enjoy an ever-changing mural of breathtaking scenery from your ship, so the journey itself becomes part of your discovery. For those without sea legs, river cruises have the advantage of smooth going, shallow waters and the gift of land that’s always in sight.

That said, ocean cruises generally have more upscale benefits including areas to work out, more of a selection for dining, and fantastic live shows. But most river cruises offer inclusive value, meaning your Wi-Fi, water, alcohol and included excursions are covered in the price. Types image

Traveling Europe’s Legendary Rivers

Experience the finest of Europe’s famous waterways by boat. Sailing rivers like the Loire, Elbe, Duoro, Rhine, Volga, Danube, and Dnieper is a memorable vacation experience.

Size doesn't matter.
In addition to exciting local excursions, these smaller, elegant river ships offer world-class dining and entertainment, elegant rooms with state-of the-art technology, and a full array of amenities.

The atmosphere is comfortable and welcoming with a sensation of decadence. The programs allow for the most possible amount of time to be spent at ports of call. These in-depth experiences take you behind the scenes to see what makes living, working, and playing at your port of call fascinating. Experience the continent’s grand cities and discover them via the stories told by its artists, history and culinary pleasures.

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